Social media optimization (SMO) is an integral part of an effective digital marketing strategy. It is the best marketing platform for businesses of all types and sizes provided the social media optimization is done correctly. If you are new to digital marketing then making a good first impression on social media is extremely important because it is your only chance to do it the right way. If you fail to make a good impression on social media then not only you will lose an edge over your competitors but also need to repair your social reputation, which in itself, is a very tough job. While making your social media debut, it is very important to make sure that you don’t make any silly SMO mistake that could ruin your entire Social Media Optimization (SMO) campaign. So here are top 5 Social Media Optimization (SMO) Mistakes that you must avoid at any cost for the success of your social media optimization (SMO) Campaign.

SMO Mistake 1 - Having No Social Media Strategy At All

Without a social media strategy, you can never communicate effectively with your audience. To ensure the success of your social media marketing optimization (SMO) campaign, you must have a well-defined social media optimization strategy. Also, make sure that your SMO strategy includes a unique social media voice, measureable goals, a policy for social interaction and a proper social media calendar. Never post blindly on your social media account because it will do more harm to your brand than good. You are strongly recommended to have a well-defined social media strategy so that you can post the best and the most engaging content on your social media account.

SMO Mistake 2 - Creating Accounts on All Popular Platforms Immediately

Most of the companies create accounts on all popular social media platforms immediately regardless of their inability to post good quality content that can engage their followers and potential customers. They start using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest at the same time and the result – they maintain none of them. The unmaintained social media account with content posted many months or years back only gives an impression that they are chaotic, very chaotic. So make sure that you focus your SMO strategy only on one platform and then gradually proceed to others when you are all set to maintain them on a regular basis.

SMO Mistake 3 - Wasting Budget on Fake Paid Fans & Followers

Having millions of fans, followers and likes is undoubtedly the proof of a brand’s social popularity but it’s not going to increase ROI or improve user-engagement if they are Fake. Take note of the Instagram’s recent decision to delete millions of accounts to prevent its users from getting paid fake followers. Following that decision, many celebrities and public figures lost hundreds of their followers, overnight. For the success of your social media optimization campaign, it is very important that you establish genuine customer relationships instead of focusing on fake numbers.

SMO Mistake 4 - Ignoring the Social Communication

Keep in mind that your fans and followers expect quick response from you. Also, they want to feel that they are interacting with real humans and not the corporate software. Make sure that you respond timely to all queries and concerns on your social media account because it helps to build a relationship between you and your audience. Also, follow the rules of a good customer service.While responding to the queries and concerns, make sure that the tone of your answer gives a positive impression about your brand. Be polite and humanize your brand while interacting with your target audience because it makes your audience feel more connected with your company.

SMO Mistake 5 - Avoid Using Irrelevant & Too Many #Hashtags

Of course, using #Hashtags on social media makes your posts visible #but #if #you #use #them #excessively #it #becomes #very #annoying #to #your #audience (Just like this!). So, limit your #Hashtag usage to a sensible and tolerable number and make sure they are relevant to what want to convey through your post.

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