Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is focused on conceptualizing, developing and publishing valuable content in order to attract and engage the targeted audience and motivate them to respond to call of action or the desired purpose such as subscribe to a newsletter, sign-up for a program, make a purchase or avail a particular service etc. A successful content marketing strategy isn’t limited to just filling up your website, article or blogs. It’s all about making a good content marketing strategy and executing it perfectly for the successful promotion of your content to achieve your content marketing goals. To ensure the successful of your content marketing campaign, you must be aware of what you need to do or what you not need to do while planning, strategizing and executing your content marketing campaign. These ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ of Content Marketing can help you ensure the success of your content marketing campaign.

The Do’s of Content Marketing

Do 1 - Know the Objective of Content

Whatever type of the content you write, it must comprise some kind of call to action. For example, if you want to direct your audience towards a “buy now” page then you need to write message that tell them to “Click here to buy”. The objective your content could be anything from driving targeted audience to your website to improving your search engine rankings, from generating affiliate revenue to enhancing your credibility and authority in the industry, and from motivating people to subscribe or sign-up for a particular cause to simply collecting their email addresses. It’s very important to know the objective of your content before you start writing.

Do 2 - Write in a Friendly Way

Write your content in a friendly way in order to connect with the reader. Make your article or blog is written particularly for the person who is reading it. Use abbreviations and informal language such as “can’t” instead of “cannot”, don’t instead of “do not.” You can also break common grammar rules until and unless it is justified to use in an informal way.

Do 3 - Use Your Character & Personality

Use your character and personality to make sure that your content stand from others. This will help you in establishing your brand. If you have a good sense of humor, use it in your writing as well. If you are a serious kind person then let it reflect in your content. For help, read the articles and blogs of your favorite writers and try to understand how they share their character and personality.

Do 4 - Make Your Content Easy to Read

Writing the content in a simple format is the best content marketing strategy. Use bold, italic, underlines and bullets smartly and make sure that you don’t overuse them since it could divert the attention of your readers. Scan the content for a few times to make sure that it is very easy to read and not too complex. Make sure that you haven’t used excessive formatting. If your content is too complex to read then think and find out a way fix it so that it could be easier to read.

Do 5 - Plan Your Content In Advance

Planning your content in advance is the best way to ensure the success of your content marketing strategy. It’s good to plan your content for upcoming weeks or months in advance and work accordingly. Whatever type of content you write, make sure it is well-planned in advance. Decide the keywords and titles of your content in advance. Also, decide the time when you are going to publish your content and where. Use your content in traffic generation through SEO, and other digital marketing strategies.

The Don’ts of Content Marketing

Don’t 1 - Focus on Quantity Instead of Quality of Content

Fresh content is very important for a successful content marketing campaign. If you don’t create new content regularly, you won’t be able to promote and share anything. However, you shouldn’t compromise with the quality of your content just to post and share something daily. Remember that readers always want to read something that has some value and if they find your content to be of low quality, they will reject it right away. So, rather than posting low quality content each and every day, focus on producing less number of content while ensuring that they are of high-quality and provide some valuable information to the readers.

Don’t 2 - Write & Publish Without Knowing Basics of Content Marketing

The success of a content marketing strategy depends on three factors: creating valuable content, ensuring that it is optimized for search engines and promoting it among your targeted audience. If you are unable to accomplish any of these tasks perfectly then stop your content marketing campaign immediately and outsource this task to the experts who can perform all these tasks with perfection.

Don’t 3 - Write Your Content from the Scratch Each and Every Time

Writing valuable content needs a lot of time. Your writers need to work hard in order to maintain the high quality of content in all articles or blogs. However, writing valuable content doesn’t mean that you need to write from the scratch each and every time. If you already have some high-quality content then don’t let it go waste. Instead, write new content that adds value to the previous content or update it with new information and republish at a suitable time.

Don’t 4 - Publish Your Content Irregularly

After deciding on the quantity of content that you are going to produce, it is very important to create an editorial calendar to make sure that your content is published regularly as per the schedule. Always remember that an inconsistent content publishing schedule will not be able to sustain the attention of your readers all time and they will lose interest in your next content. So, if you want to build a base of loyal readers or followers, tell them what you are going to post next time and when. This will prevent your users from abandoning your website and they will come back at the time you have promised to write something more interesting and valuable.