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Why Facebook is using MQTT on mobile

We can all relate to the concept of protocols, sensors and meters that are used to measure and analyze data. But what does Facebook have to do with that? If you are curious, keep reading this blog post to learn more how Facebook took a huge advantage by using Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT).
An amazing new MQTT use case came out in 2012, when the Facebook software engineer Lucy Zhang announced through the Facebook blog some details of the new Facebook Messenger app that was available for smartphones, including both Android and iOS devices.

Lucy said Facebook had to rebuild a new messaging mechanism for their app, this time using MQTT to have assured and faster message delivery. Not only that, but as for any smartphone app, bandwidth usage and battery life are real concerns that had to be overcome as they started to use MQTT as their messaging protocol.
Another highlight of the Facebook Messenger app was the possibility to have individual chat sessions between two people or a group chat, thanks to the publisher-subscriber nature of MQTT.

Using MQTT, Facebook brought to the game a fast and reliable messenger application—small and lightweight, a battery and cost saver—that would function well even with the varying Internet connections available across the world.


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